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Spring time is known to be the season where things gain back its life. This is also the time when birds start to come to your place and threat your garden and structure. Although birds can be a stress reliever, they can also be a nuisance especially when it comes to their waste. One kind is pigeon that can cause several damages both to your garden and home. Pigeons and other birds can cause Histoplasmosis, West Nile Virus and Avian Flu when not driven away. You're not actually the only one who gets annoyed with these birds. Nowadays, there are different products for bird control. But how are you going to know which kind of product is best suited for your specific needs?


Buying these bird repellents will help you save money by staying away from the repairs and cleaning you might be faced with these birds. With the many choices available, you'll sure find it hard to come up with the best decision. Below are the most effective ways to get rid of these birds.


1. Physical Bird Control


One of the most common physical bird control is netting and bird spikes. Bird spikes will help stop birds from liking to stay on certain areas where the usually stay leaving their wastes and other damages. These bird spikes should be placed on the edges and peaks of fences, patio covers and rooftops where they should not stay.


The bird nettle will provide a barrier to the covered area and the place where birds might settle. This Bird Waste Removal Albuquerque NM method is best to birds like swallows and woodpeckers.


Bird propellers can also be of great help to keep birds from your fruit-bearing plants. Often, these are situated on docks, boats and patio covers.


2. Sound Bird Control


When it comes to sound repellent, there are several products that can be used. These equipment will make use of distress or predatory sounds which will make the birds to stay away from your place. When it comes to choosing an equipment from the Pigeon Control Albuquerque NM website, make sure to pick the one with sonic sound and waterproof. Know that the sounds of each product is bird specific, so you need to know what bird you wanted to scare away.


3. Visual Bird Control


The last kind of bird repellent you can make use of visual repellents which will distract the visual of birds making them to stay away in your place. Most gardeners will keep birds away from their plants through flash tapes. Once the light of the sun hits the tape, then it will flash which will divert the direction of the birds.


Choose the right bird control repellent and ensure your home and your health safe.