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Ways to Finally Get Rid of Pigeons


As far as birds are concerned and how they carry mites, ticks and fleas the fastest, pigeons are also included and known as carriers. Other than this, pigeon feces are when in contact to humans and other animals are also known to bring diseases. Just the same, their droppings can also damage car surfaces and buildings as the paints get damaged. The nests are also very flammable and when caught with fire can aggravate it.


What are the most effective techniques to be used to ward off and eliminate pigeons permanently? The truth of the matter is that, nature and how animals behave is not very ways to manage and control. Rather, try to give special focus and attention to the home and the structures where the nests are most likely to be seen. The idea is to make the house an easy target for the birds.


Below is a list of options and methods used by Pigeon Control Albuquerque NM that are said to be effective at managing and controlling pigeons:


As mentioned earlier, keeping your home pigeon-proof is always the first option. Pigeons always find places that are extremely high and away from view and contact to be the most attractive; in the house, this refers to the ledges, the attic and awnings to mention a few. These are the areas that have to checked and sealed. Screens, plates and fillers can be used for sealing. Places that are open and flat, can be covered by incorporating tactile repellents.


For those who are not aware, what is the best way to describe a tactile repellent? This is made for the purpose of stopping the pigeons from stepping on the house surface, and it's either a device or a substance that repels or deters the pigeons. There are strips that are said to be attached on possible bird targets in the house, which can easily be seen and purchased online. Then there are also chemicals that can ward off pigeons - these are said to be sticky and at the same time, inflict pain to the birds when they land on the surface. Chemicals are very sensitive and dangerous products which is the reason why it has to be handled with care; get to know more about the product and how it is safely used in order to avoid any kind of accident.


Scarecrows may be old-fashioned and used in the olden days as far as scaring the pigeons and birds away, but these are still very effective. Scarecrows may look different and take varied shapes as well such as snakes, cats, owls and of course, humans. Read more from the Bird Waste Removal website.