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All You Need to Know About Pigeon Control


Don't be surprised if some people compare a rat to that of a pigeon; that's because both of them are considered as pests that can easily adapt to any kind of human environment. For instance, homes, buildings, and other types of structures provide roosts while the waste inside and around the property provide ample supply of food. It is true that pigeons are something that the kids love to see but it doesn't mean you don't get rid of them because the fun can never compensate the burden they leave behind, especially those corrosive feces.


Now if you plan on getting rid of those pigeons on your own, you must understand that you cannot treat them as if they're a typical pest like rats and roaches. Put in mind that to get rid of pigeons successfully, you ought to have full commitment, time, and a lot of patience. Because of the level of difficulty in dealing with these bird pests, a lot of homeowners and property owners will just hire a professional Bird Control Albuquerque NM service to take care of the job.


Pigeon Diseases


There are currently three known diseases humans can get that are carried by pigeons. In order for a person to contract any of these three diseases, he will need to be exposed to the pigeon droppings constantly and that he has a very weak immune system.


1 - Cyptococcosis


This disease is actually a fungal infection caused by contact with pigeon droppings. People suffering from auto-immune diseases are more prone to this one.


2 - Histoplasmosis


This likewise is a fungal infection but is very rare. It is contracted when you inhale dust from pigeon droppings.


3 - Psittacosis


This disease is different because it's a bacterial infection. It can be transferred from pigeons, parrots, and to humans.


Methods Used in Pigeon Control


Just a quick reminder before we start talking about controlling pigeons at home - we believe that hiring an expert in Bird Waste Removal is still the most sensible way to get rid of them permanently.


Live Trap


The main reason why live traps are quite effective in controlling the population of pigeons is because birds like them will easily fall to the bait put in those traps like cracked corn or wheat. Keep in mind that pigeons are social birds, which essentially means that they will be lured by the traps if you put some more pigeons near them.


Exclusion Method


A very effective method of controlling pigeons is to deny them access to your home in the first place. Pigeon proofing is classified as a method of modifying your property so as to deter those birds, using stuff like wires, bird netting and slopes, spikes, and electric tracks.


But if all else fails, you just have to accept the fact that the only remaining solution is to call in the professionals to do what you failed to do.